Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowed in

I've been snowed in for a few days.  It hasn't been fun.  First off, by snowed in, I mean SNOWED in.  I can't get my SUV out of the garage.  I tried to shovel the snow but to no avail.  And my husband?  He's out of town.  He left before the snow really got bad on Sunday and won't be home until Saturday, at the earliest.

In addition to being snowed in, my kitchen is not finished yet.  And by not finished yet I mean I have no working sinks, my dishwasher is not hooked up, my cooktop is not hooked up and my dining room and living room are cluttered with all the stuff that is supposed to be in my kitchen.  There are also two cabinets laying in my living room (they had to be removed for the granite install).  Last night I had to wash dishes in my bathroom sink.  I can't figure out how I had so many dishes to wash considering I haven't been able to cook.  Luckily I had some food here that was microwaveable.  Otherwise, I'd be wasting away to nothing!

Now, if the temperature will just get over 10, maybe I can get off this hill!

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Lindsey James said...

Sucky suck suckerton! I wondered why I hadn't received any emails from you today...