Monday, December 13, 2010

Know Thy Enemies, Part 3

I think it’s time for a little more background on Enemy and what she was doing in law school (at least, what I think she was doing in law school). You see, she was searching for someone to marry. I had always heard of girls (and guys) who entered college and professional schools for the sole purpose of finding someone to marry, especially someone who would make a lot of money.

In the beginning, before school began, we had met a guy who was in our class. We’ll call him Sam. Sam lived across the road from Kristy and I. One day, Kristy, Enemy and I decided to go to the pool at the complex and Enemy wanted to invite Sam. So, the three of us walked over there in our bikinis and shorts to see if he wanted to join us. While we were there, Enemy was doing her best to flirt. Sam was staring at me (according to Enemy). He declined the invite but said we should hang out later. We walked towards the pool and Enemy said, “Ok, M, I guess you can have him since he didn't seem all that interested in me.” As if I needed her permission to go out with someone. Side Note: I never went out with Sam. I didn't want to.

Enemy then started going out with all kinds of guys. She was a pretty girl, a petite blond. She went out with a few and decided she was in love with probably half of them. “I can see me marrying him” came out of her mouth three or four times when talking about different guys.

When we returned from my hometown, Enemy began to harass Kristy. I was kind of oblivious to some of the happenings simply because I was too caught up in school work and, well, work work. Kristy had some anxiety problems (completely common in law school) and Enemy was not helping matters. She would tell Kristy that I was going to move in with her and leave Kristy to pay for the apartment alone and that no one really liked her, she only got invited to go out with all of us because she was my roommate. Kristy tried to tell me these things and, unfortunately, I just laughed her off, thinking she was being silly. Enemy also told Kristy how she would marry before we got out of law school and Kristy would be alone. Apparently the fact that Kristy was there for an education was beyond Enemy.

Then Kristy had a nervous breakdown of sorts. She was visiting a friend and they were discussing Enemy. Kristy got so upset that he had to take her to the hospital. When he called to tell me where they were, I immediately told Enemy to go home, I went to Kristy’s room and got her teddy bear and blankey (yes, she was 22, but sometimes you just want that comfort) and headed to the hospital. Enemy wanted to go with me, but I wouldn't let her because I had this feeling she was the cause of the whole thing.

That night Kristy and I discussed how she was feeling and how stressful law school is and how hard it was for her to be near Enemy and hear how Enemy was going to be my only friend (yes, that’s what she told Kristy) and that Enemy and I were moving somewhere. So Kristy and I made the combined decision that she should move out. Not because I didn't want to be her friend, but because I didn't know how to handle her feelings towards Enemy and still be her roommate. I told her that Enemy just didn't have that many friends in law school and she was latched on to me because I was her friend. I’ll never forget Kristy’s question to me, because had I thought about it then, the move never would have happened. She asked “M, why do you think she doesn't have any friends? Nice people have friends.”

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