Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Simple Gym Etiquette

I go to the gym every morning.  Ok that's not true.  I try to go to the gym every morning but some mornings I simply don't make it.  But some mornings I do make it.  I made it this morning. 

There's a guy at the gym.  And he kind of thinks he owns the equipment.  As in, every time I am on a machine, he comes over to me and says "You are on my...(insert gym equipment here - bike, elliptical, treadmill...)."  It's gotten to the point that he's a running joke between my friends and I.  However, this morning he wasn't complaining that I was on HIS machine.  This morning I was apparently magnetic.

I was on a bike.  Doing my thing, thinking "I'll do this for 45 minutes, then go lift..."  There was a lady 2 machines down from me doing her thing on the stair stepper.  And Annoying Gym Guy ("AGG") comes over and gets on the bike right next to me.  Did I mention we were the ONLY People in the Cardio room?  JUST us three.  And he picks the bike between me and the lady on the stairstepper.  I continue to bike because I know his workout routine and I was not going to let him bother me.  He'll be on the bike 5 minutes, then off for 10, back on for 5, then gone for 10. 

BUT then another person joined us in the cardio room.  The very large cardio room.  And that person?  Got on the treadmill on the other side of me.  I promise there were other treadmills not near me.  In fact, there are about 20 other treadmills.  And then what does this woman do?

She starts talking to AGG and the lady on the stairstepper telling them about someone with gout and pneumonia and how this person (did I mention AGG and Stairstepper lady didn't know who this sick person is?) was apparently vomitting something green yesterday.


I understand people want to talk to their friends, but she was not talking about something anyone wanted to hear.  And I was working out!  I ended up getting off the bike after 15 minutes just to get away from the madness.  And because I felt like vomitting after hearing the description of the green vomit.

If you're curious, it was apparently chunky.