Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Know Thy Enemies, Part 5

As time went on with Enemy, things got stranger in our apartment. She was “in love” with Nerd-Boy (as she had been so many times before) and was going to marry him. One weekend, prior to the beginning of exams, my best friend called needing me.
Now, normally, W wouldn’t ask, and she didn’t actually ask that night, but we decided to meet halfway between law school and her home. Which put us in Kentucky. I can’t remember exactly why she needed me, but it was important enough for me to drive all night. We decided to head towards each other at about 2 am. Enemy told me not to go. Now, perhaps she was looking out for me, but her reasoning wasn’t that exams were coming up and it was a long drive and late at night. Her reasoning was “W can handle this herself. Why does she need you? Doesn’t she have any OTHER friends?” I met W that night…well…early that morning. We had a good weekend, I got back to school and Enemy was angry at me…for going to my best friend when she needed me. I thought this was the beginning of the end of any sort of civility we had towards one another.
But for some reason, it wasn’t. She began to be nicer to me. Nerd-Boy began to stay with us more often, but she was nicer. This is a side note story that has nothing to do with why she became an enemy, but might make you all laugh. I know you’ve seen people out in public wearing their pajamas…in fact, it’s become a fashion trend in this area (schools even have “Pajama Day”). Our final final exam was on a Thursday. That morning Enemy got dressed for the final by putting on fleece pajamas with sheep on them. Which was interesting, but not as interesting as what else she wore to the final. She put on her gorilla slippers (complete with eyes that flashed red when she walked) and a beret. Now, it’s bad enough she wore this to a final exam, but she also wore it out to eat lunch with a group of us afterwards and then into the liquor store when we went to purchase alcohol for our party that night. I’ll just let you imagine that.
So, I leave and go home for Christmas. Enemy and Nerd-Boy had been dating for around 2 months. During part of their dating time, she was in love with someone…lots of someones….else. I called her the day after Christmas to see if she had a good Christmas and she tells me she and Nerd-Boy are engaged. Now, as I understand it, a normal supportive friend would respond with “Oh! Congrats! That’s so great! I’m so excited!” Well, my reation wasn’t quite so controlled as I just said what came to my mind first. Which pretty much went “What? Isn’t it a little soon?” She explained that a jewelry store was going out of business and she HAD to have THAT ring so he bought it for her and they might as well get engaged at that point because she was in love with him. I then said “And you were in love with Larry and Brant and…(insert other names here).” Side note: she was in fact so in “love” with Brant that when he ignored her at a party, she flipped out and cried for two days. He transferred to another law school, sometimes I wonder if it was to get away from her.
She told me before we got off the phone that a true friend would be happy for her. I said “No a true friend will tell you when she thinks you’re making a mistake. But good luck with that.” Little did I know that one showing of non-support was going to come back to bite me in the ass.

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