Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I accept

Today I would like to accept my award for WORST BLOGGER EVER.  Seriously, it's been since May since I've updated.  May.  That's like 1/3 of my pregnancy.  And since I didn't update for the first 1/3 of my pregnancy either, that means I'm in the last 1/3 of my...pregnancy. Yup, you read it here first.  I'm in the third trimester.

The twins grow a lot each week.  And they move a lot.  So far, we've got a nursery 80% ready (I have a lot of gifts from last week's baby shower to put away and a few pieces of furniture left to pick up).  We have enough clothes to keep both girls clothed for the first year or more of their lives - most of these clothes being hand me downs from my sister's kids and my best friend's daughter.  We even have two car seats.  AND names. 

So I probably haven't updated because I've been so busy doing everything to prepare.  The shock has worn off and I'm now ready to take on the job of mom to twins.  They are identical.  They are girls.  They are going to be spoiled senseless once they come out.  :)