Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Life Is In Disarray!

Ok, not my life, but my kitchen!  My kitchen is in disarray.  Which, as any homeowner knows, that basically means that my life is in disarray.

We had big plans for our house.  I mean, we bought it because it was perfect.  It had the perfect number of bedrooms (4), bathrooms (3.5), AND land (a couple acres).  The layout?  Perfect.  The kitchen?  Perfect.  The deck? Perfect.  The attached garage? Perfect.

SO, we bought it.  And love it.  So that obviously means that we need to CHANGE it.  Because everyone should renovate their home at some point. So we brainstormed....

"Let's add a larger garage and turn the old garage into an extra den!"
"Let's make the kitchen bigger, move the laundry room into the (soon to be) den!"
"Let's finish the attic!"
"Let's redo our bathroom!"

So obviously when we came up with all those ideas, we decided to start small and redo the kitchen (we aren't making it bigger, we're doing the easy stuff - new countertops, new backsplash, new sinks and faucets).

And now?  I can see into my kitchen drawers without opening them, which is kind of cool if I need to grab scissors really quickly, plus I can see into the snack cabinet and have found some food I forgot I bought (and should probably throw away)...

Two days...I just have to live like this for two days.  And, hopefully, the dust will settle quickly so the cats will stop sneezing.

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Lindsey James said...

I can't wait to see the finished project! Whoo!