Friday, December 17, 2010

Know Thy Enemies, Part 4

A few weeks after Kristy got out of the hospital, the move occurred.  Kristy moved into a one bedroom (in the same building as Sam) and Enemy moved in with me.  I was actually pretty horrible to Kristy during this time.  I could sit here and defend myself saying that I was listening to Enemy and how could I know what she was saying wasn’t true, but the fact was, I didn’t listen to Kristy.  I even told Kristy that if I had to choose between her and Enemy, I would choose Enemy.  That was a fairly low point.

While Enemy and I were in the moving process, she began talking to her newest love interest, we’ll call him Nerd-boy.  I call him that because Enemy actually began calling him that.  She would tell me how Nerdy-boys turned her on and she wanted to date him.  I thought he was nerdy and unattractive (not to mention he had this strange odor sometimes) but whatever she wanted.

I helped Kristy move, I wouldn’t allow Enemy to bring any of her things over until Kristy was out.  I didn’t want to cause Kristy any more problems and I was beginning to rethink the decision.  As soon as Enemy moved in, things began to become clearer.  The first weekend was fine, we had fun together, we had friends over.  It was the way roommates are supposed to be.  And then it turned the way roommates really are.

Enemy’s Nerd-boy began to stay at the apartment more and more.  We had two bathrooms, so I wasn’t sharing with them (I had one in my bedroom) but they were always in the living room and in the kitchen and just taking over the place.  This was near the end of October.  We decided to go as greek goddesses to the Halloween party that year.  I was Aphrodite and she was Athena.  I had chosen my costume before Enemy and she just decided it would be “more fun” to go as goddesses together.  Then she told me that she should be Aphrodite since that IS the goddes of love and beauty.  I rolled my eyes, bit my lip and led the way out the door.

A week later, Nerd-Boy’s friends came into town and Enemy offered our apartment as a place for everyone to stay.  I got angry and she told me that his place was a small studio and “It hurts my back to sleep on his futon and no one wants me to have a seizure.”  I have no idea how her back hurting and a seizure were related.  I put my foot down and told her they didn’t need to spend every night together and perhaps his friends would like to spend time with him alone.  She wouldn’t hear of that.  I told her what I thought of Nerd-Boy.  That he was nerdy, needy, pathetic and way too attached to her way too fast.  And Enemy…agreed.

She almost broke up with Nerd-Boy that night.  Looking back, I realize it was a way for her to assert control once more.  She fought with him on the phone, came to me crying, telling me it was going to end because I didn’t like him.  “Oh, M, I can’t possibly date a guy that my best friend hates!” she cried.  I told her I didn’t hate him.  I said that there was no reason for her to end a relationship because of me, I just didn’t like him being around ALL the time.  And she called him, said “Let’s work this out, you and your friends come over here so we can talk.”  And, suddenly, her weekend plans had come full circle.  Nerd-Boy and his friends were staying at our apartment, just like she wanted.

That night, one of his friends who’s name I cannot remember for the life of me, we’ll call him Jack for our purposes, was in my room talking to me, telling me how upset Nerd-Boy was about the whole thing.  Then he started to tell me how beautiful I was and how he wanted to “Know” me.  He began to tickle me and I told him to stop.  I was somewhere between laughing (because at first it was innocent and funny) and hysterical when I realized he wasn’t going to stop.  Enemy told me that night, once she, Nerd-Boy and the other friend intervened, that I needed to forget about things that happened in the past and just let guys do what they wanted so they would want/like me.

That incident is what I now know was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

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