Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Please refrain from hitting on my husband...k? Thanks...

There comes a time in every married woman's wife when she realizes she's not the only person who finds her husband attractive.  I mean, we should all KNOW this, but it's like when that ring goes on you think it's a protective barrier of some sort...the ring means taken and taken means no one else is going to look at him like I do again.

It just sucks that it doesn't work out that way, doesn't it?

I've listened to all my (single) girlfriends complain over the past few years about how all the good ones are already married and I think to myself "Yup!  And I GOT HIM!"  Because in my mind, of course, there is only ONE good one.  But he's wearing that protective barrier of a ring so no one else notices, right?  Right.  Ugh...wrong.

A little over a year ago (has it been that long???) the hubby's exgirlfriend started trying to contact him.  He didn't let it happen because of the protective barrier.  And the one time she did get a message through to him he told her to leave him alone.  He is the best hubs ever.  She took it fairly well and has stopped trying to make contact.

More recently, when the hubs and I have been at the gym, I've noticed girls taking a "liking" to him.  Let me remind you, he NEVER leaves the house without the protective barrier ring.  Ever.  But it's like that ring is a beacon now.  It's calling to them.  "He's a good one...someone else married him...you need to try to get him..."  Seriously girls?  Have we no self respect?  Hell, forget the self respect, have we no respect for a marriage?  Have we no respect for God (if you believe in God, that is)?

I've seen a lot of marriages end because of the "other woman."  Luckily my hubs is faithful and caring and puts up his own barrier when someone tries to break through, but some of my friends haven't been so lucky.  SO, why is it that women can't realize that he, whoever he may be, is married to someone else?  And that marriage may be important to him so maybe you shouldn't be chasing him around the track asking if your panty line is showing?  I let hubs handle all these inquiries, until someone touches him.  Then, if need be, I will attack.  It's happened.  Once.  I came out unscathed. 

Side note: I do realize that people do cheat.  I also realize that there could come a time that hubs could cheat on me.  I don't think he would, I think our love is stronger than that, but it's a possibility.  I would just prefer that women stop dangling themselves in front of him.  If he's interested, trust me, he'll come to you.  After all, he came to me that night many many years ago and we've been together ever since.