Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Customer Service or Customer Insults?

We all do it.  We buy things online.  It's so easy.  You make your purchase, you pay with your credit card and it magically appears at your door.  No crowds at the mall.  No driving (for you) in bad weather.  All you do is grab your purse and computer and done!

But we also take a risk shopping online.  I mean, who knows which stores are good and which are bad?  Even if you look at customer reviews, you don't know who wrote the reviews, it could be the store employees/owners themselves talking about how wonderful they are.

I took that risk.  Until I find out for sure if my issue is going to be resolved, I won't mention the name of the store.  However, I made 2 orders.  One order was for 4 pieces (3 Christmas gifts and a gift for myself).  The second order was for 5 pieces (all 5 Christmas gifts).  The first order will be here tomorrow so I hope that it is correct.

The second order got here today.  And inside were only 2 pieces.  When I emailed customer service they actually said to me "No, you are wrong, you only ordered 2 pieces."  Now, I may not be the smartest person in the world but one thing I can do is read.  Another thing I am good at is adding.  I ordered 2 of one thing and 3 of another.  Two plus three is five unless the math rules have changed.  Also, 20 plus 20 is 40 and 15 plus 15 plus 15 is 45.  40 plus 45 is 85.  85 plus 7.50 for shipping is $92.50.  And my credit card charge?  Why, it was exactly $92.50. 

Hopefully this will be resolved today.  Otherwise it's time to dispute the credit card charge!  Why can't Christmas shopping be less stressful???

Afternoon update: after three emails explaining that quantity does not, in fact, mean I just want to pay extra for one item, the store has agreed to ship my missing items via UPS at their own expense. 

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