Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Etiquette

Hubs and I had a Super Bowl party last night.  We were excited about having people over and having an alcohol free party (Super Bowl Sunday is the only non-alcoholic night in our house).  We told people the party would start "around kickoff."  Perhaps I should have been more specific.

Because when someone tells me that a party starts "around Kickoff" I find out what time kickoff is (6:30) and then I show up about 15 minutes prior.  Why?  Because it's the right thing to do.  Why?  Because if there is food and if you need to put food out you need TIME to do so.  So yesterday I put out all of our food at 6 pm, made the punch and sat down on the couch.  At 6:40 people started to arrive.  10 minutes AFTER kickoff?

These people are so NOT football fans.  Have I mentioned I AM a football fan?

One couple brought wings.  But they weren't cooked!  They had to be cooked.  So I had to go to the kitchen (out of view of the tv) and help the wife put the wings in the oven because, apparently, my oven is too complicated to work if you don't have an advanced degree.

Oh and did I mention this wife wanted to chit chat the entire night?  I was watching football and I was watching for the commercials.  And I couldn't do either of the things I was wanting to do during the Super Bowl because she would not stop talking to me.  I'm cool with sporadic conversation.  But it was non-stop.  And it was all about her child.

Hubs and I are childless currently.  Our house is not child friendly, lots of glass, lots of sharp corners, lots of things for kids to get hurt on.  The party was supposed to be child free.  But sometime, just after half time, those who had left kids with babysitters had their kids dropped off at our house!!!  Suddenly there were small children running around my living room, bumping into my glass TV stand, spilling punch all over my end tables, THROWING chicken wings against my walls!  It was...traumatizing.  Even worse?  The parents weren't stopping them.  At one point, I corrected a little boy who was standing on my La-z-boy leather recliner and almost flipped it backwards.  And chatty wife?  Got onto me for doing it!  "He's not your child!" she said.  I responded "But it is my chair he's about to destroy."

By the time they all left, at 11, I was angry, exhausted and beyond annoyed.  If I hadn't specifically said "No kids" to them, I would understand...but they ALL knew and they still had their kids dropped off.  It was like a conspiracy.  10 couples at my house, a few singles and then suddenly the 6 kids between the 10 couples were here.

And now I have to go clean barbecue sauce off of my walls and carpet...and then I'm going to try to find the Super Bowl commercials online so I can watch them.

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Paula said...

O. M. G. This makes me very thankful we stopped having Superbowl parties! Geez... I'm not even a football fan but even I know basic etiquette of showing up at appropriate times, ESPECIALLY for something like the Superbowl BECAUSE of the commercials (which sucked mostly, so you didn't miss much.) Maybe you should've snuck some of that alcohol you'd banned into the little kiddy's Sippy cup! Instant crashed out kid. ;-)