Thursday, February 10, 2011

My mother

My friends and I jokingly refer to my mom as Emily Gilmore.  If you don't understand that reference, simply pick any episode of Gilmore Girls and watch it.  THEN you will understand.  This morning, she called.  The conversation went something like this:

Mom:  "Are you coming to [the town I live in which is 20 miles away from your work] today?" 
Me: "Nope.  Why?" 
Mom: "I need a ride back to [the town you work in]." 
Me: "Um, ok........" 
Mom: "I have to pick up my [insanely expensive gas guzzling vehicle] from the dealership and I can't get to [the town where you work] unless you come get me." 
Me: "I'm at work." 
Mom: "Don't you NEED to come this way today?" 
Me: "No, I need to work." 
Mom: "Can't you come up with a reason to go by [a client's office]?" 
Me: "Not really." 
Mom: "But I have to get my [gas guzzling vehicle] so I can go on vacation!"  
Me: "Why don't you have the dealership bring it to you?" 
Mom: "That would cost me $20!" 
Me: "Um, ok, but if I leave work, drive to [the town where you live], pick you up, and drive back to [the town where I work], that will cost me $200 in billable time." 
Mom: "So?" 
Me: "That's more than $20." 
Mom: "But that's your money." 
Me: "Find another ride." 
Mom: "I don't KNOW anyone other than you and [your sibling] who would be coming to [the town where I live]." 
Me: "And?" 
Mom: "And you're my daughter!" 
Me: "I'm your daughter who works.  Find another ride." 
Mom: "Well, I never..."
Me: "Me either either..."

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Lindsey James said...

I like pie.

Excuse me, Lorelei?

I like pie.

Well, what does that have to do with anything?

You asked me if there's anything I like. I like pie.

Honestly, Lorelei. You think everything's a joke.