Monday, May 2, 2011


I realize I've been MIA but I promise it's been for a good reason.

I'm having babies.

Yes, babies.  As in more than one (two to be exact). 

Once the news hit, it was pretty much all I could do to try to function normally and, you know, go to work.  Now that I've had some time to let it sink in, I feel better. 

Babies.  Twins.  Due in November. 

Before I start getting "THE questions" I'll go ahead and answer them.

Yes, we were trying.
Yes, they are natural.  I'm not sure what an artificial twin is, but I assume you are asking if we had infertility treatments.  The answer is no.  We did this all by ourselves.
They are identical. 
That means they will either both be boys or girls.  No, you cannot have one girl and one boy if they are identical because then they wouldn't be very identical would they?
Of course I've gained weight.  I'm pregnant.  With twins.
No, I am not overwhelmed with the thought of taking care of them.  They're babies.  I got a two for one deal.  I'm an efficient person so I can handle this. 
Yes, I will continue to work after I have them.  I have never wanted to be a stay at home mom.  That's just not going to change.

Ok, those are the answers to the top 7 questions I get asked on a daily basis.  If you have something new, feel free to ask!


Anji said...

Are they your first baby - I mean babies? Congratulations! Hope that you're getting lots of rest, you'll need it

Anji said...

How's it going now you've had time to adjust to the news?